Seasonal Or Holiday-Themed Posts to Get Your Business in the Holiday Spirit

Seasonal Or Holiday-Themed Posts to Get Your Business in the Holiday Spirit

Seasonal or holiday-themed posts are an effective way to connect with your target audience. From food campaigns featuring seasonal themes to highlighting your charitable and community engagement activities, there are numerous ways that seasonal or holiday posts can get the party going!

Here are a few ideas to get you going.

Ask your audience a question.

Are You Wanting to Engage and Establish Trust With Your Audience During the Holidays? Questions can help drive engagement and foster relationships among your target audience during this season of celebration, yet also build trust between yourself and them. Make sure your questions pertain directly to your industry (for instance a restaurant could host an Instagram contest asking followers to submit their favorite holiday recipe in comments for a chance at winning free dinner).

Clothing brands could create a TikTok video where they ask their followers how they’re celebrating the holidays – this shows your users, clients and customers that you care about them and fosters trust with them.

Businesses can take advantage of countdown clocks during the holidays by posting different messages each day to drive engagement and create a sense of urgency within their marketing messages. They could also post holiday-related memes or quotes that inspire their target audiences.

Show off your business’s holiday decorations.

Holiday decorations can add an air of festive joy to any business, regardless of its sector. Make an impactful statement about who your organization is by adding festive flourishes like Santa hats or Christmas lights around your profile image; or change up your header image with seasonal photos instead.

Share photos of your store’s holiday decorations or of your team wearing holiday attire to engage with their audience and boost post engagement. Run a holiday-themed contest or photo challenge on social media platforms!

Holiday seasons provide an opportunity to boost SEO efforts through creating content tailored specifically for these searches. Sportswear brands, for instance, may write an article titled “Top gifts for gym lovers”, while car shops might focus on safety tips during winter driving conditions. Finally, florists could post seasonal flower arrangements or gift baskets perfect for any special event or holiday celebrations as ways of keeping up their SEO rankings during this season.

Share a helpful holiday how-to guide.

No matter if you are a retail store preparing for the holidays or a produce business with fresh, delicious food available to sell, creating a holiday-themed how-to guide can be an engaging way to engage your audience and remain top of mind with them. People can easily become overwhelmed with holiday tasks and chores; by providing something useful that eases some of their burden, this handy guide could become one of your most useful marketing assets.

Share your best holiday tips or tricks with your clients, customers and followers by posting them to social media pages – ideal for visual platforms such as Instagram – to increase engagement.

Holiday promotions and sales are an ideal time to promote offers and sales, as shoppers are in the mindset to purchase gifts for friends and family members. Be sure to include a clear call-to-action in your holiday content that encourages people to take action by shopping with you!

Share a holiday-themed photo.

Are You Posting Pictures of Your Pet Cuddling Near the Fireplace, or Your Toddler Hanging An Ornament on Facebook? Such pictures can really connect with an audience by showing that we all share similar joys in life – this type of post usually performs very well on this platform.

Holidays are an opportunity to spread a little joy! Make their day by creating a GIF or video of staff wishing everyone happy holidays, or add some festive flare by using one of our snow effects such as Frozen-esque wraparound or White Winter to bring extra shine and dimension to traditional family portraits. Additionally, an app like Storie allows users to easily create flip book-style holiday photo galleries that can be either private or public; making for more thoughtful means than emailing large batches of photos directly.