The Outdoor Retailer Trade Show Has Adapted to Changes in Technology, the Pandemic, and Face-to-Face Business Events

The Outdoor Retailer Trade Show Has Adapted to Changes in Technology, the Pandemic, and Face-to-Face Business Events

One of the biggest problems that the Outdoor Retailer show has faced over the years has been adapting to changes in technology, the pandemic, and face-to-face business events. The show’s director, Marisa Nicholson, reveals that attendance has declined by as much as 30% in the past two years. She cites many factors for this decline, including distance from ski resorts and water for summer demos, and the need for better dates that fit into the busy schedule of most people.

When it comes to weather, the best time for an outdoor trade show is in late spring or early fall. During this time, there is less chance of bad weather and there are no competing holidays. Make sure you have plenty of shade and disposable ponchos for attendees. Keep an eye on the weather forecast to ensure that the weather conditions are appropriate. The last thing you want is to have your exhibit canceled because of rain. Despite the fact that many outdoor trade shows are held outside, you can still take the time to check the forecast so that you can make a wise decision about your attendance.

The Outdoor Trade Show is the only national event in the UK that brings together the whole of the outdoor trade and offers a unique opportunity for buyers to see the latest products first-hand. It’s held at a time when suppliers are launching new collections and taking orders for the coming season. This makes it a cost-effective and time-efficient way for buyers to compare and source new products, compared to visiting individual brand showrooms.

The Outdoor Industry Show was a great opportunity for those in the outdoor sports industry to make new contacts and network with fellow colleagues. The event hosted the 2021 UK Outdoor Industry Awards, and the trophies were displayed for everyone to see. Rab also sponsored a Sustainability Breakfast at the show. Rab partnered with the event and provided presentations about their new sustainability initiatives. It was a great opportunity for attendees to discuss the latest trends and innovations in their industry.

As a non-buyer, you can attend the Outdoor Retailer Trade Show for $500. To qualify, you must work in outdoor sales or consulting and have a qualifying byline or invoice from outdoor brands. Once you’ve registered, you’ll need to set up appointments with exhibitors and submit invoices for any work you’ve done with the company. If you’re not in the outdoor sales or consulting field, you can make an appointment with a retailer to arrange a meeting.

Despite the competition, there is plenty of room for both events. The Outdoor Retailer trade show is owned by Emerald X, a nonprofit group that promotes the outdoor recreation industry and fights for environmental protection. It was previously held in Utah, but in 2018 was relocated to Denver. The show is still in Denver, but it will move to Salt Lake City in winter 2023. So, what’s next? Only time will tell.